Garazo is located 37 kilometres from Rethimnon in an altitude of 270 metres. Across the village the higher top of Talea mountains are raised with Kouloukona the high top. Garazo overlook Milopotamos valley. It is fertile village, first in the production of citron. Each summer the famous Citron festival is organised. A lot of churches are in the broader area of Garazo as well as the Vosakos monastery. At the Kapetan Ploumi square there is a folklore museum with collection of daily use objects, tools, religious and sacred utensils, photographic and other historical material. During the "Days Ceramic" cultural events which took place in May 2005 in the central square of village a ceramic kiln was manufactured. Through the Venetian paving it begins a route with a particular natural beauty which passes through the forest of Virgin Mary and leads to the Kato Vrisi fountain.